Our vision is that all families have access to high-quality infant, toddler and preschool care in Boulder County.



BDN Teachers

BDN Teachers are passionate, fun, and knowledgable in Early Childhood Education (ECE). We pride ourselves in hiring and retaining the best teachers to care for BDN children and families.


Infant Program

Lead Teacher: Lisa Cavazos
Joined BDN: 1999

A pillar of ECE in the Boulder County community, Lisa served as a special ed paraprofessional for 12 years in the St. Vrain Valley School District before joining BDN. With an ECE Director Certification, she has dedicated her life to helping children learn, grow and discover the world around them. When Lisa is not at work, you will hear her cheering loudly for her beloved Broncos and Alabama Crimson Tide, with her sons and granddaughter by her side.


Margarita Anselmi-Neuman
Joined BDN: 2016

Originally from Venezuela, Margarita obtained her BA in Special Education and Art from the Metropolitain University of Caracas. As a bilingual educator and behavioral therapist since 2000, she is devoted to caring for children. Margarita takes pride in cultivating independence and practical living skills so each child can reach their fullest potential, as well as building an open and effective school community with parents, teachers and administrators. Outside of class, she enjoys exploring Colorado with her husband, daughter and son.


Lauren Muraoka
Joined BDN: 2008

Lauren started in child care in 2002. After studying at Montana State University, she moved back to her hometown of Boulder to continue her career in ECE. As a mom, Lauren knows the importance of building a strong social and emotional foundation in infancy. She uses laughter, joy and play to build trust and meaningfully bond with every child at BDN. When she’s not teaching, Lauren enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband, son and dogs, and playing sports (especially soccer).

Pre-Toddler Program

Lead Teacher: Sarah Benesh
Joined BDN: 2013

Growing up in Southern California, Sarah started her career in ECE as a camp counselor in 2008. While completing a BA in Psychology from CU Boulder, she served as a BDN work-study and discovered her love of the school’s education style.  Sarah joined the BDN staff after completing her ECE Teaching Certificate in 2014.  She is passionate about facilitating a nurturing, enriching and responsive environment in which children thrive. Enjoying her new Colorado home, Sarah loves spending time outside, riding her bike around town, hiking and camping.

Audrey Jones

Audrey Jones
Joined BDN: 2017

Drawn to the energy and joy that comes with caring for infants and toddlers, Audrey started her career in childcare as a nanny in 2008. While completing an ECE practicum at BDN, Audrey - a Colorado native - jumped at the chance to work at BDN when a position opened. She loves taking her students on adventures, playing in the water, and creating art projects. Audrey believes that children deserve to be treated as capable individuals, and has dedicated her career to fostering her students' curiosity. In her free time, Audrey loves to travel, spend time on Pearl street, or explore the mountains (especially when it snows!).


Toddler Program


Lead Teacher: Kayla Claassen
Joined BDN: 2015

Hailing from El Paso, TX, Kayla has dedicated herself to educating children since 1995. As a preschool teacher and nanny, she has worked with children ranging in age from two weeks to twelve years. Having completed her ECE Teaching Certificate, she is pursuing ECE Director Certification. Kayla sets an example of patience and kindness in her classroom, and believes that a child’s world should be filled with playtime, laughter, nature and magic. When she’s not at BDN, Kayla and her husband enjoy travel, scuba diving, camping, hiking, and live music.


Bree Carroll
Joined BDN: 2015

Bree has been caring for children since 2008 and, having completed her AA Degree and ECE Certification, she is now pursuing an ECE Director Certificate. After working in various preschools, she recognized the quality of BDN’s teaching philosophy and decided to build a career here. In the classroom, she believes kids need the space to practice communication and teamwork skills in a safe, supportive environment. On the weekends, Bree spends time with family, snowboarding, and enjoying good food with friends.  


Laura Greenfield
Joined BDN: 2016

Growing up in Virginia with a mom who cared for children in her home, Laura was destined for a career in ECE. After serving as a preschool teacher for nearly 3 years, from 2013-15 she worked at Colorado Department of Education in the office of Early Learning and School Readiness. She went on to attain her MA in Human Development and Education and teaching license before joining BDN.  Laura believes a teacher’s job is to nurture a love for learning through high-quality, evidence-based education that is individualized to meet the needs of each child. She moved to Colorado to pursue her favorite activities: hiking and climbing.


Preschool Program

Lead Teacher: Amie Maziarz
Joined BDN: 2003

Growing up in western Massachusetts near the homes of Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss, Amie moved to Boulder in 2003 to pursue a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Educational Psychology with a focus on ECE from CU. While traveling in Reggio-Emilia, Italy, she fell in love with their teaching philosophy where children - even infants - are viewed as capable and competent beings. Amie also appreciates how Italian teachers use their creativity to be resourceful with materials and the environment. Outside of BDN, Amie watches Boston sports and enjoys all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer with her husband, son and hound dog.


Andrew Jaffee
Joined BDN: 2015

Adopted from Asuncion, Paraguay when he was 1 ½, Andrew’s parents promptly moved their family to Hopkins, Minnesota. After completing a BA in Creative Writing and Intercultural Communication at the University of Arizona, he discovered his passion for ECE in 2013 while teaching preschool in Tucson. Andrew believes that child-led, play-based learning is of paramount importance in the classroom. He joined BDN when he moved to Boulder to pursue his MA in Educational Psychology and soak up views of the beautiful Flat Irons.


Lindsay Smith
Joined BDN: 2010

Born in Durango, CO, Lindsay moved to Boulder to study Sociology at CU. Her passion for working with children lead her to volunteer at BDN in 2010, and she joined the staff in 2011. Lindsay has committed herself to building a brighter future for the U.S. by supporting children and families. She uses the arts - singing, dancing, dramatic play, crafting - to encourage her students’ creative expression. Hiking, biking, traveling, and seeing live music are some of Lindsay’s favorite hobbies.


Amy Northrop
Joined BDN: 2011

With a BA in Psychology and Art History from CU Boulder, Amy started working with young children in 2007. Since joining BDN, she has worked with infants, preschoolers and everyone in between. What she appreciates most is the deep bonds she has formed with BDN families. Amy is fascinated by child development and believes playing is learning. She encourages playful exploration in class, with an emphasis on expression through crafts and the performing arts. As a Colorado native, Amy loves the outdoors. In her free time, she enjoys hiking (especially 14ers!), running, camping, good Mexican food, and catching live music.

administrative staff

Steve Callander, Executive Director
Joined BDN: 1998

303-442-7605 ext 4

Steve has dedicated his career to supporting low-income children and families across the globe, in places as varied as rural Appalachia; Cuernavaca, Mexico; Cape Town, South Africa; and dozens of cities across Turkey. Starting as a counselor for youth in crisis, he realized that many children’s lives would be radically different if they had access to quality child care and family support. Therefore, Steve shifted his energy to early intervention programs like Early Head Start, Part C, and community health centers serving profoundly disabled children.

With an MA in Nonprofit Management and BS in Psychology & Human Services, Steve gravitated to administrative roles to impact support systems.  He set his sights on the Executive Director position at BDN, understanding the gravity of managing a century-old organization. Following in the footsteps of those who served before him, Steve devotes his time to innovation and advocacy for Early Childhood Education.

During his tenure, BDN has integrated infant care into its programming, expanded the number of families served, as well as become a founding member of Boulder County’s Early Childhood Council - a task force focused on comprehensive ECE systems development. The task force was so successful that it became a part of Colorado statute. Steve’s efforts have garnered community recognition, and he was awarded Colorado Trust Fellow, Rotary International GSE Fellow, and United Way Spirit of the Community of the Award.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys skiing (he was formerly a National Ski Patrol member, as well as instructor for kids and paralyzed skiers), fly fishing, hiking, and building everything from robots to couch forts with his daughter.

Bethany Burns, Program Director
Joined BDN: 1997

303-442-7605 ext 2

With a BA in Human Development and Family Studies and an AA in Early Childhood Development, Bethany joined BDN as a teacher in 1997 and stepped into the Program Director (PD) role in 2006. As PD, she cultivates a dynamic environment in which teachers use creativity and teamwork to develop a solid foundation - physical, cognitive, and social-emotional - for every BDN student. Bethany knows the child-to-teacher ratio is key to creating a high-quality, home-like setting for families, and diligently supports a framework in which students and teachers thrive. When she’s not at BDN, Bethany enjoys running, hiking, and biking with her family.

Mary Newell, Health Coordinator
Joined BDN: 2007

303-442-7605 ext 5

A lifelong learner with degrees in Early Childhood Development, Anthropology, and Public Health, Mary discovered BDN when she moved to Boulder from Richmond, VA. Over the years she worked as a teacher with every age group before becoming Health Coordinator in 2015. Mary believes that every child has the right to learn and grow in the healthiest of environments. She enjoys sipping coffee, reading, hiking, and traveling with her husband, a former teacher whom she met while working with the toddlers at BDN.

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