Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

To apply to BDN,

  1. Fill out the Online Enrollment Form, or download, print then send the application to BDN Program Director, 1518 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302
  2. Pay the $55 nonrefundable application fee (this fee may be lowered or waived for lower income families).

Please note that completing the application does not guarantee enrollment in the program. You will be placed on the waitlist and notified when there is an opening. If a slot is offered, you will have one week to decide if you would like to accept it. If your child is too old for the program they are waitlisted for, we will use this application to put your child on the waitlist in our older programs.

How does one go about scheduling a tour?
Because of the volume of tour requests we receive, we generally conduct tours on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. Register for an upcoming tour via the BDN Prospective Family Tour Registration widget on this page. Please note: Tour sizes are limited. Out of respect for other families and staff time, please be sure to notify us if you are unable to keep your appointment time. If something comes up, please call us at 303-442-7605 x2. 

Is there a waitlist? How long is it? How do I get on it?
There is almost always a wait list. Its length as it relates to you depends on many factors. Generally speaking, the sooner you can get on the list, the better. However, the waitlist is not strictly first come, first served. Contact our Program Director at our main number, option 2.

What are BDN's fees?
As a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide high quality care to families with limited resources, we have a sliding scale fee structure that makes care accessible to all income levels. At a certain income level, families pay our full cost of care. The cost at all levels depends on the desired schedule and age of the child. Please contact the Program Director for more info on fees.

What do the fees cover? Are there other fees I need to worry about?
The monthly tuition covers everything. Meals, diapers, supplies, etc. This is not the case at most other centers - just something to be aware of as you compare centers. Occasionally, there are field trips or special projects that we request supplemental funds from parents, but those requests are limited.

Is BDN accredited?
Yes. BDN's programs are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Qualistar.

What are your adult to child ratios?
Typical ratios are 1:3 for infants, 1:4 for toddlers, and 1:6 for preshoolers. For comparison, the State of Colorado allows ratios as high as 1:5 for infants, 1:7 for toddlers and 1:12 for preschoolers.

What are the teacher's qualifications and retention rates?
Most of our teachers have Bachelor or Masters degrees in a field related to early childhood. Those who don't are working on them, or have extensive practical experience in early childhood. The average retention rate is usually five years.

What are BDN's hours of operation?
Weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. The center is open year-round with the exception of federal holidays and some time around the holidays season at the end of the year. The center may also be closed occasionally for in-service training days (usually three or four days each year).

Are meals provided?
Yes. There is a full-time cook that prepares two morning meals/snacks, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Can you accommodate children with special needs?
Yes. While special needs programming is not our main focus, the environments at BDN are capable of including children with both emotional/behavioral issues, as well as developmental concerns. We assess each child on an individual basis to determine their suitability for our programs.

What about diversity?
BDN strives for diversity in all aspects of its operations and aims to provide culturally sensitive programming that responds to varied ethnic, cultural and social traditions. In most years, roughly 40% of enrolled children are from a racial background other than Caucasian and we strive to have our staff and volunteers reflect the populations we serve. Socio-economically speaking, our families come from a variety of backgrounds that encompass low, moderate and non-low income.

Do you have a language policy or position on bi-lingual instruction?
BDN provides instruction and services primarily in English, although we have a limited ability (i.e., not necessarily at all hours of the day in all classrooms at the same time) to communicate with monolingual Spanish speaking parents and children. Having said that, we acknowledge the value and importance of different cultures and languages, and make every effort to incorporate the culture of our students in our day to day activities. By building on students' cultural strengths, we hope to make BDN a comfortable place for all families, including those who may not have been comfortable with or used the "traditional" system of child care in Boulder County in the past.

If I can't get into BDN, what should I look for in a child care provider?
Please visit our Family Education page for questions to ask a prospective provider, and resources to learn about securing the best childcare for your family.

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